APRIL 22 2013
So 5 more sleeps….. This all seems to have happened very very swiftly! We are at the stage where I can be sitting having a coffee saying “this time next week it will be all over”. I did that plenty of times yesterday!
So the physical work is done, now it’s the tapering which I know I, personally, find rather difficult. When you have been planning your weeks and arranging times to fit in a run here or there and suddenly it’s no longer the focus I miss it and for some reason have a guilty feeling! So this week I have a few things planned to keep the endorphins flowing and my mind and body sane!!
After work tonight (Monday) I’ll have a wee walk round the arrow river, tomorrow I plan on having a swim (just a few lengths) oh, and I play squash on Tuesday nights. On Wednesday a short maybe 5-8km run and then just perhaps another small swim and walk. This is what works for me but as I have said all the way through this; it is such an individual thing. I wouldn’t advise however, going through massive weight sessions or for any run beyond say 10km? But hey, I am no expert so whatever works for you!
I hope you are all organised for your stay in Te Anau, transport and gear? I am not even remotely, this morning I have been on the phone hunting down a seamless jacket and I have a couple of trips to collect some nutrient supplies! Jump online and book some buses (I just have)…..if you feel as unorganised as me; do not fret it will all come together!!
I don’t really have too much to say in this blog, the training is done; whether it’s been perfect or a bumpy road it’s done now and the rest is up to the top two inches. Personally I’d have liked approximately 2-3 more training weeks to get in a couple of longer runs and so I felt completely comfortable about standing on that start line on Saturday. However I know I am mentally tough and will do the race, in what time? NO IDEA. This is my first off road race; I couldn’t even begin to approximate my pace/km, not to mention there will be a foreign object on my back, steep uneven surfaces…….what have I gotten myself in to 
I look forward to seeing you all out there on what promises to be a day to remember. I’ll be the one at the start line shaking with fear, the one about 6km in cursing as to why I enter these events, the one who hits a nice rhythm around the 14km mark, the one heard asking for her mother around the 22km mark, the one who will cross that finish line and find the energy to smile and reach for a fist pump. When the going gets tough on Saturday and for most of you at times it will, think of that finish line, think of that hot shower, think of all the training, time and effort you have put in……think of the cold James Speights creation, your family and friends all awaiting you at the finish line.