FEBRUARY 24, 2012

I’m Dominic Harvey. I am a radio broadcaster. You can hear me talking shit, telling yarns between 6 and 10am weekday mornings on The Edge radio station.
I am a distance runner. Not a fast one, but I still love it. I love marathons. I have chalked up almost ten of then and the distance still intrigues me. Probably because I have never had my perfect run, the run I know I am capable of. Last year my right knee started to give me some grief. I had an operation in June to get a bit of torn cartilage taken out. After 7 weeks off to recover I got the shoes back on and even managed to get myself in a fit enough state to run the Auckland marathon in October in 3.22.
The knee feels as good as new but it is always playing on my mind.
If it craps out again and I need to go back under the knife, that’ll be the end of my running. I’ll be forced to retire and find another pursuit and that is a prospect that I hate the idea of. It makes me shudder to think of myself as one of those 40 or 50 year old blokes dressed head to toe in Lycra and riding a bike because running did their knees in.
So I decided this would be the year that I’d try something new. Something that will hopefully save my knees and keep me running for life. I’m going to become a trail runner. The seed was planted by a physiotherapist who told me it is easier on the body and may even make my knees stronger.
I’m not sure why I never hit the trails sooner. I suppose a bit part of that has to do with the lack of trails near my house.
When I voiced my intentions to get off the footpath and onto some trails a good mate of mine asked me what I thought about Routeburn.
My initial reply was, it is pretty easy to avoid if you do enough foreplay.
Turns out we were talking about different things.
I googled the Routeburn Classic and fell in love with what I saw. The challenge, the beauty, everything about Routeburn appealed. I figure, I know I can handle 42km on the road so the 32km of Routeburn would probably be about the same degree of difficultly (or maybe just a tad harder) than a regular marathon.
I have a steep learning curve in front of me before I hit the steep curves of Routeburn. But I am amped about this challenge. The first hurdle will be nabbing one of those spots in the field (but I’m hoping that since I have started blogging about it already it’ll help my chances haha).
Will Routeburn make me a trail runner for life?
Will this be the beginning of a brand new love affair or will it scare me back onto the tar seal?
Will I finish it? Hell, will I even get to be one of the lucky pricks who get to start it!
The fear of the unknown is a mouthwatering prospect!