MARCH 20, 2012

Slipping into my compression tights for second night in a row to sleep in , it is becoming more and more apparent I am reaching the business end of the training journey for the Classic this year. Before I continue..if you have compression tights and get sore from your long hilly missions, don’t knock sleeping in compression gear till you try it. Ah. May. Zing! Tightness in my quads seems to be holding on for dear life no matter how much Anti Flam and stretching goes into them. Time, patience and a Body Balance class tomorrow I feel is in order.

Last week was a challenge. I need to crank up my juggling a million things at once skills once again. Or possibly just say no to more? Who knows. I did get to laze about and catch up on domestic things and most importantly, I made Saturday afternoon a nice 21km return hike/run up to Isthmus Peak and back. Thankful for the two extra layers I took as up high that wind was crazy, blustery, knock you off your feet kind of stuff. I love my moments up the top. Such clarity. Nothing much matters to me when I’m sitting on top of a hill or mountain and happily munching on my hard earned scroggin that I may or may not have started eating halfway up. I wish it were my day job. Both missioning up hills and eating running treats like Power Cookies and scroggin!

I think I only have time for one decent run mid week due to other commitments this week. Then Saturday through till later on Sunday, its ultra marathon time, my sole focus making sure Virginia gets through her 160km in one piece. It will be a challenge for us pacing and supporting but I am beyond excited to get out on that Northburn course and get all star struck with these big runners tottling about!! I think it is just going to amp my Routeburn excitement up another notch really.

Also something something completely unrelated which I just found HILARIOUS. Sitting at my desk at morning tea time trying to complete some more work before I have a break…stomach grumbles a couple of times. Second time, my workmate hears it and said it sounds cute! Hahahahaha didn’t know there was such thing as a cute tummy rumble

Best feed the machine. Enjoy those autumn colors forming on the trails!