FEBRUARY 23, 2012

I hope this finds my fellow runners and keen beens alike, well. I’m excited to be blogging for the Classic….cheers Ev!

Me – this is my second Routeburn Classic and I am in LOVE with this event. A combination of motivated, awesome running friends and strings of epic long runs have really started to instill my love for being out in trail. I’m no elite and never will be…nor do I try to pretend to be a runner I’m not. I plod along!

I left Christchurch last year to move back south to be closer to family and have somehow landed on my feet in a dream location in Wanaka with all the trails I could think of…literaly on my back doorstep. Very fortunate to have this area for training grounds thats for sure!

Well I’m sure more will come out about me during the course of blogging anyway. Race day draws ever closer…toenails are getting looser, miles increasing steadily (along with my hunger! I’m sure I am not alone here!) and the mild hope that my performance this year race day will be a great improvement on last year. I hadn’t trekked 32km in one day through a steep, technical trail last year and with all the quakes happening in CHCH where I was living, I spent too much time on the flat, not enough time in the hills. An external factor that could not be helped. I also completely bombed out with my electrolye intake (yuuuuuuck way too much sweet, not enough water!)….rookie mistake Michelle!! Something I didn’t give a heap of thought to last year but this year I will not be as silly! There will not be a nauseous, semi disorientated Michelle reaching the Harris saddle. No sir.

Loads of improvements to make, lessons to learn and fun to have in the meantime. Happy running and reading