APRIL 16, 2012

So, two weeks to go. I am excited, I think.
I have been talking non stop about this event.
I’ve been talking about it so much that I can comfortably say “Route Burn” without sniggering. In the past I would hear Mike McRoberts or Hillary Barry say something on the news about the Routeburn track and laugh like an immature 14 year old. Just the other day a mate invited me to a function at the end of the month. I replied without even thinking about what I was saying, “sorry I can’t make it. I’ve got Routeburn that weekend.”
The laughter from my friend and others within ear-shot served as a reminder about just how funny it sounds to the untrained ear.

Another reason why the name of this famous track no longer entertains me probably comes down to the fact that I am so intimidated by this run that I actually tense up a little bit when I talk about it.
I know I can cover the distance, 32km is a distance I can run and bounce back the next day without too much trouble. The difference is time is the stuff my shoes will be landing on! What is making me shit my pants here is the fear of the unknown. And reading through the extensive list of gear and accessories each competitor is required to carry on the run only serves as a reminder of just how different this is to a boring old road race.

So anyway, the day is almost upon us. And just like all the marathons I have competed in in the past I am experiencing self doubt about training and whether or not I have done enough. Or more specifically, whether or not I have done enough of the trail training required.
There is a trail run round Auckland’s Waitakere Ranges next weekend being put on by the Lactic Turkey crowd. There is a 16km and 21km runs. By now, all of us who were lucky enough to make the cut for the Classic should be into that horrible restless taper zone, but I have been contemplating doing this- just as a slow-ish training run. One final chance to get more acquainted with a surface other than concrete and asphalt. I am still undecided. I know there is a big risk I could get caught up in the excitement and rush of being around other runners and go harder than would be beneficial. But I also have this niggling worry that I am under-done and not ready for Routeburn.

On the plus side, I went out for my final big run on Friday. 34km round the streets and roads of Auckland. I felt fit and fresh. I am carrying no niggles. My feet are in great nick- I currently am the proud owner of 10 healthy toenails. And my right knee, the one that was operated on last June to take out a piece or torn cartilage, is feeling better than ever.

And for the first time in my life I have the nutrition side of things sorted. It’s not something I have ever paid too much attention to. The night before a marathon I’ll usually go out for tea and get something loaded with carbs, just a usual size portion though. Then the morning of the run my typical routine has been to have 2 pieces of vogels toast with lots of honey on, a banana and Powerade. Then during the run I’ll drop a few carboshot gels and drink whatever is on offer at the various stops.
I got put onto a website called
You answer a series of real comprehensive questions and they give you a big 20-something page plan to print out. Its real good stuff.

So that’s where things are at. I’m rambling. I tend to do this when I get nervous. Once I get on top of my active over-analytical mind I reckon I’ll be sweet.