MARCH 1, 2012

Ok so I have been floundering quite a lot with my running motivation for a couple of days. I remember feeling this way at this time last year with about 5 or 6 weeks of full on training to go. It hasn’t lasted for long but oh my god imagine seeing a graph showing the highs, lows, dips, ebbs, flows and all that of the runners mind! Exhausting just to look at! I’ve had some reassuring discussions with friends that are also training for the race and sounds like it is an across the board feeling in the last couple of weeks.
The last few days have made me think a lot about the stages you go through training for an event and the ridiculous mind games one plays with themselves. Heres a bit of an example of what mine does on a regular basis: Sunday night, have planned (most of the time its in my head because things change ALL THE TIME) the weeks training to a degree. Monday and Tuesday happen, resolve is usually pretty good at this point for a high mileage run and a good cross training day. Mid week – hmm heres our problem. I’m not necessarily worn out, but sometimes I will be. I start giving big cakes, the TV, the couch and generally just lazing about, very longing sideways glances. Glances turn to full on stares and if I give it all day to think about…well we know there are always two options. So late in the Mon-Fri working week I get excited I can not feel as pressured to bowl out the door straight after work to get the mileage in on the weekend. And sleep ins….oh the power of the mighty sleep in and no alarm! After the mini mind meltdown if it happens mid week – all is once again well once I have once again reassured myself that yes, I will be fine and yes, I will continue to train as I’m a sucker for punishment (haha!) and when I do get out I love it so much.
Ahh happy days. Good friends and like minds are so important at times like these. It is the 1st of March and we are now just under 2 months until race day! Rather exciting! I am laughing at how much overthinking I do about getting out on the trails. Monday’s 18km was successful…..however blinding sun for about 7km on the way back – pretty sure I’ve acquired some new crows feet from the squinting, haha!
If theres one piece of decent advice I can dish today – it would be to overcome the inner voices that argue that the couch would be a better idea AND/OR listen to the body if it is tired. It is ok to rest for a couple of days. It is not ok to be pushing uphill for the final few weeks.