13 MARCH 2013

I am now on the countdown to Race Day! With that in mind, I didn’t get as many weekday runs in as I would have hoped. A work conference had me living the dream and taking in the bright lights of Palmy North for a few days, which slightly broke my training rhythm.
However, come the weekend, I was raring to go. I stayed local for a run on Saturday as Sunday was the biggie.
Slightly later than planned, but with my trusted coaches in tow, we were Routeburn bound. I was to run and my coaches were to walk. We started at the Finish line, so I was running the route backwards. My aim was to reach the Harris Saddle. Literally, it was a perfect day – great conditions, the sun was shining and there was a gentle breeze. Leaving my crew playing on the first swinging bridge, I set off. The run to the Flats hut was a nice gradual climb. Once you turn up to toward the Falls, the serious climbing begins and it was up, up and more up. I enjoyed this more challenging gradient and the Falls Hut appeared sooner than I expected. The Waterfall wasn’t at its best due to the lack of rain fall.
Beyond the Falls, you enter what I like to call “Sound of Music Country”. How lucky that we have tracks such as these on our door step. Feeling somewhat “Von-Trapp” I had reached my goal and it was time to begin the descent.
I came across the familiar faces of my coaches as they were contemplating setting off up to the Falls track having just had a relaxing picnic lunch at the Flats. There was a degree of relief on their faces when they realised it was time to turn back. I threw a Leppon back and left them in my dust.
Feeling pretty happy with life and my surroundings, I lost concentration and took a fall. The track was fairly busy, being a Sunday, so of course there were two strapping young men coming towards me to witness my shame. I had misplaced my foot and gone over on my ankle before stacking it. It didn’t feel great at all, but I decided to pick myself up and carry on – maintaining to the boys that it was just my pride that was hurt, nothing else.
I made it to the end and was still pretty happy with my run. It is a good lesson of maintaining concentration whilst running tracks like this. To maintain concentration, really, your nutrition needs to be on the mark whilst running. My nutrition has come such a long way and I am fairly close to hitting spot on.
It goes without saying that a celebratory beer was consumed and enjoyed at the Glenorchy Pub upon our departure from the Wilderness!
Following my fall and a visit to the Physio, I am not allowed to run for a few days, which is frustrating, but most likely rather sensible. Looking forward to getting back in to it at the end of the week. I surprise myself my saying that I am quite enjoying the hill climbing, not enjoying the pace so much, but I suppose I can’t have it all.