JANUARY 23 2013

Hello, let me introduce myself, my name is Jendi Paterson; I live in Arrowtown, grew up down south in a small farming place called Opio near Nightcaps; not heard of it? That’s okay other than the seven other people who grew up there no one has! Nine years in Dunedin at High School and University. I’m 29 years old which means that before I am 30 I will have run the Routeburn Classic….I am not sure which is more frightening.

I am by no means an elite runner; I just enjoy it. I have run 3-4 half marathons, I competed in the team Coast to Coast in 2010 as the kayaker/biker, yes the year it rained and the course changed, you’re going to find a pattern with me, running and rain very soon. I like running on the road, not many people say that but there is nothing like that suffocating feeling you get when a sheep or logging truck whips past you stealing your oxygen leaving you gasping .

I work at Lakes Leisure so over the weekend I was part of a work team that competed in the Wanaka Challenge; it was awesome to be part of a team again. My background is team sport, it wasn’t until maybe 5 years ago that I started to tie my shoes and jog around Lake Hayes, I haven’t looked back. There is something rather unique about being out there with no one but yourself to rely on, in saying that being part of a team on Saturday was AMAZING.

What lead me to sign up suddenly for an off road race over mountain/s…(note the plural). Three words: New York and Sandy. Hurricane Sandy hit New York early in November 2012, just days before one of the greatest marathons in the World was due to begin with me wearing #27438. 30 hours out from the starting gun I sat holding my race number staring in disbelief as a caption came across the bottom of the television reporting the cancellation of the race……It’s fine, really; I am over it and have 288 days till I pick up my race number for the 2013 New York marathon. 288 days is a long time to spend training for run race, it’s a very long time to stay focused and motivated. Like I said, I like running but everything can get a bit stale so I decided I needed another challenge/focus around April. A friend suggested the Routeburn Classic; I’d heard of it and thought why not lets mix this running up a bit!

Note to self: try a simple Google search, do some research Jendi

-32km, doable; climbing 1292m above sea level, by Jove that can only mean some gnarly hill climbs; oh boy this will be an interesting couple of months!

So I have been asked to keep you in the loop on my training for Routeburn Classic, it’s going to be interesting because between now and then I need to get:

Stronger, faster, fitter, and tougher. To do this I plan on mixing strengthening work in the gym with ‘off road running’, yeah that’s right off road. Just typing that word gives me visions of steep steep inclines, tripping on tree roots, slipping down cliffs and flash floods; a bit dramatic, maybe? However it’s going to be a journey over the next 92 days and 23 hours that’s for sure!