MARCH 12, 2012

I am topping up the old stores with cups of tea and wine biscuits and looking over at my bag, hoping it will unpack itself from a quick fire three nights and two days in Christchurch over the weekend. I definitely have the ‘vacant stare’ tired going on today and will more than likely spent the next two hours deciding whether or not a walk or run will help the tired feeling or make it worse. For now…jug is on!
Excellent weekend in Christchurch! Definitely also one of those times where it was so full on trying to get the visits and things I wanted to do . I rarely sleep on planes but big bird had a kip today. I had a really good mission in the Port Hills on Saturday with the wonderful Virginia. Totally managed to trip on my tired feet a few times on our mission though (idiot). I’m not exactly graceful when it comes to recovering either! I go tumbling, make some form of startled noise and my arms fly out. No, Michelle, you cannot fly. If I happen to be running with someone….well they have to have their wits about them, because it is going to hurt if I land on you! There was also a big magpie that was lurking in the grass below us when we traversed across back from Rapaki. I am extremely nervous around birds, especially magpies…in the past three years I think I have been dive bombed four times that I can think of off the top of my head. Possibly more. Is this more common than I am aware of? The risks we literally run when we do the missions on our own!
Running with Virginia on Saturday after having not done for so long, I enjoyed so much. It set in stone that I am more than capable of tackling this run next month. It is so important to surround your oneself with positive friends. We look to them for advice and when there is doubt in our minds or if the chips are down, they will be the ones that tell us things will be alright. In the end though I have to be the one to run myself through the preparation. Make sure I train well, not forgetting the importance of cross training and stretching, get a good nights sleep as often as I can. Haha I just caught myself about to write ‘eat enough’ and realized well this is not something I’ve ever had to work on! I’ve thought lately that gosh wouldn’t it be awesome if I didn’t work full time, because sheesh am I struggling to motivate for a run after a busy day at work. Head all over the place, bed and naughty carbohydrates loudly hollering at me, everyday I get out there, I’m more than pleased I did 
On that note, it really is time got my skates on and went to the gym!