FEBRUARY 27, 2012

Pre-planning mistake today…..long run planned after work and as I was getting ready for work I overheard the weather forecast – fine, expected over 30deg. Meaning in my language – ‘increasing amounts of pain and suffering on the run, resulting in breaks of sunscreen dripping into the eyes followed by collapsing into a crumpled heap at the finish’! Its funny how when you get into the long mileage, a day that is seemingly attractive weather wise to others, can seem like you’re planning to run on the sun or something equally as HOT!

I’ll still get into it tonight…muscles should be well rested after resting two solid days and walking last night. Always a challenge to fit in life’s events in with training. I travelled to a beautiful location for my friends wedding on Saturday. Alarm this morning for work was beyond horrible. We all know weddings are very good for treat food and good wine!

One of my friends from school’s father I found out has entered in the New York Marathon later this year! Had a great conversation at the wedding with him about real people and their training. We swapped plenty of laughs and tips. I’m so envious of him doing the New York…I had only been reading about it the night before in my Runners World.

I have a feeling its going to be a good week for training (bar the heat!). I struggled with motivation the two weeks prior to last Wednesday’s great run in the rain. Since then I’ve felt much better and remembered that pain and discomfort are temporary….and lining up small rewards for myself (like favorite foods and sleep ins) is super effective! Also one of my close friends has asked me to be her pacer for the Northburn Ultra race in a months time. Crazy, awesome, inspiring time it will be for sure. Absolutely buzzing and cannot wait to be part of Virginia’s journey

Happy Monday to all – hope everyone made the most of their weekend and explored some trails!