APRIL 9, 2012

I don’t want Easter to be over and I could definately get used to a four day weekend. Speaking to friends yesterday we agreed that full time work gets in the way of many a thing in a runner’s lifestyle…..unfortunately working is required to live!
Good Friday turned into Big Friday. Decided I was keen once again to explore a new trail. Little Criffel range in the Cardrona Valley on a very pleasant 21deg no clouds in the sky, autumn day. I haven’t been on many tracks harder than this. In fact alot of it there was no set track. And boy did i know about it on the descent! Step, step, doof. Step, step, doof. Falling on ones rear end. Numerous times. Up the top it was desolate but the views stretched on forever and I could see both Lake Hawea and Wanaka. Definately took a good 5-10 minutes to suck in that feeling from that incredible view. As I mentioned before though, the descent was REALLY technical. I had to keep watch for the track markers and as soon as I dropped my eyes and looked up again they had either moved considerably or were hidden. Twice I had to back track, back up the hill on tired legs to get my bearings again. And it probably didn’t help that I’d uncharacteristically ran out of water 2 hours before I got tot the bottom. 24km return and I was finally at the bottom, dropped myself in the Cardona river and proceeded to recover the rest of the night.
Yesterday I drove over to Queenstown to support a good friend doing the Long Arm Run, catch up with her and run one of my favourite tracks between Glenorchy and Queenstown (Mt Crichton). Amazed at how far I had come this season actually not giving up on running a hill and stopping to walk. I’ve really started to ask myself ‘am I really tired? No, I have more’. I definately smiled to myself when I finished that track yesterday notably quicker and stronger than I have done before. Secret fist pump then a quick look around to see if anyone saw me do it, hahahaha!!
Lastly I have been lucky enough to receive nutritional plans for Trail Blazer Nutrition last week. Just when I thought I had sufficient information about what I was putting in my body when I train, I learn even more. Do not underestimate the right timing of the right fuel going in pre training, training, carbo loading for race day (haha my favourite!!) and THE BIG DAY! This guy knows sports nutrition inside and out and I would strongly recommend to use him, even if you are an athlete that thinks they have their nutrition down pat.
Back to Wanaka soon. Cloud has burned off. Going to miss having the dogs here to pat! But a very exciting catch up with a friend who has just come back from overseas. I sense a great day to finish Easter.