Routeburn Classic 2021 – Registrations Open Monday 12 Noon

ENTRY OPENS – 12 Noon Monday 1st February

RACE DATE – Saturday 24th of April

(Long Weekend ANZAC)

God Ive missed you.
Out there in nature. Flexing that endurance and cadence rate you possess. 

The World Needs You

If you are in New Zealand now you are one of the lucky ones. 
The shining light in the darkness that is a locked down world. 
It’s pretty much our duty as a nation to inspire a world of other would be adventure athletes. We do so by simply indulging in the outdoors and sharing the achievement that our freedom allows.The Routeburn Classic 2021 gives us just such an opportunity. 
To lift a locked down world up by our collective athletic efforts in one of the most beautiful outdoor playgrounds in all the worlds. 

Motto: Do it for the people of earth 

The South Needs You

Fair to say Te Anau & Queenstown come late April will be more than happy to see your smiling face and well maintained calves. 
As our Southern Lakes holiday spots feel the deep burn that is closed boarders your presence will be significant. Perhaps consider tagging an extra couple of days on to your trip. Te Anau pre race. 
Rest days in Queenstown post race. 
Keep in mind Monday is a holiday with Anzac day being Sunday after the event. Why not bring a crew of your favourite cheer leaders. 
All healthy ideas for an athlete to consider. 

Motto: Do it for your country

Value Your Gift

If these days are teaching us anything friend, It is to value our time and our gifts. You, have many gifts. Not least of which is permission to travel. 
You have an outstanding ability to run. Like that of our descendants, only they run to ensure their genetic lines continued.
Be it for hunting or escaping the hunt of saber tooth tigers with an eye of desire for smaller mammals. 
Share your instinctive gifts. It feels good to do it. 

Motto: Do it for your people and do it for your self


The Routeburn track has healed its wounds from February floods last year which wiped out sections of the track.
It is now open minus Howden Hut which no longer breaths. 
RIP Howden hut. 

Motto: Do it for Howden.

We got you covered!
Good news is, should weather be the reason the event can’t proceed 2021, athletes will be provided with a refund of their entry fee and the event bus transport costs. 

Terms & Conditions apply – Click here to read full terms and conditions.


 Personal travel cover is still strongly advised but that remains the responsibility of each individual athlete. 


Sucks (cough cough), Yeah it does. No insurance available for communicable disease. That includes Covid. It’s a risk.  

We will do what can be done to get a reimbursement back to you should we all end up on a level 4 lock down. That said your entry is used to make the event happen not to enrich those involved in organising it. Thats one of the reasons the event is named the ‘Routeburn Classic’ as opposed to everyone’s  favourite charity, call it ‘the BIG Sexy enrichment fund’. It’s not that. Seriously though, to make events happen business’s, suppliers and folks who make them happen need to be paid for goods and services. Once businesses contribute their goods or services we can’t just give them back because Aunty Jacinta makes the big call. 

The Aussie dream 

We are fielding enquires from Aussie’s with folks willing to roll the dice on the chance we may get a bubble across the pacific in time for them to participate in the event.
If these Aussie athletes are willing to display brave hearts and optimism, those of us on the right side of the NZ boarder should be just a little more optimistic that it will all work out for us.

We can lock ourselves away in our wee cottages or while we are allowed we can come out, hang out and play. 
We at Good times events decided we gonna play so long as we allowed to do so. What are you going to do? 

Motto: Comes down to a choice. “Get busy living or get busy dying. You damn right”.

Secure Your Logistics 

Helicopter Line Transport  

Travel with your fellow twinkle toed athletes by helicopter or on the highway in our team Routeburn bus’s to the event key locations.

The journey to the start is part of the adventure. If you are one of the 48 seats on the chopper’s on race morning it is even more memorable. See the unique terrain from the air before you experience it up close and personal. Due to limited day light in late April and 1 landing space at the Divide we can only take 7 choppers in before start time. (A wait list is established should a Heli – athlete withdraw with a break dancing injury).

Get your mates organised or just jump in solo with other shakers and movers. 

NEW heli options
Finish Line – Return Queenstown
Take a helicopter from the Finish line back to Queenstown after your race. 

Fly to the start & fly back after you finish. 
Get the combo and save on the deal.

HELI Briefing
If you take the chopper to the start you don’t travel to Te Anau for the briefing. Heli -athlete briefing is in Queenstown at 11am on Friday 23rd 
This briefing has information specific to those on Heli – deployment. 

Bus Transport
As an Athlete you are required in Te Anau for the compulsory race briefing. From there over night and in the morning of to the great Divide where we start the adventure run. Then from the finish line at the Routeburn Shelter back to Queenstown for a shower. Lock in your seats on 16 Wheels when you enter. 


IMPORTANT: Entries open at 1200 hours on Monday February 1st

Here is a link to enter. It will be live on Monday at lunch time.

Entry via Facebook 
The Good Times Events Facebook Page will also have a link.  
Its also a nice way to stay current on Routeburn news leading up to the event.

Bring your favourite run buddy/s
The people you like running with. 
The people you like sharing adventures with.
The people who like you even when you sweat a bit.
It’s fun to share. 
Bring your people. 
We will bring ours.

Yours in adventure.
Good Times Events