2011 Feedback

Leading up to the big day, sleep had been at a minimum. I ran the race during REM. I did not knowing what to expect, and how big were those climbs really? Could I do it? Had I done enough training? Saturday morning and off we go…. am I going to fast, will I blow out on the flats and everyone will come running past nodding, thinking… I told you so! but alas all went well. What big climb I say! I hit the flats and felt on fire. Only having a few seconds to cuddle a chicken and a banana!(by the way that chicken can dance) A big thank you to mother nature for putting on such a beautiful day. Also my friend Ashley from NRG that I went on a training run with. I often thought “don’t stop! Ashley would run all the way up this hill” A well organised event, on time and no hiccups. I like that.
Viv Buchanan

great experience but oh those rocks although the view was good compensation!
very nervous at the start line watching all the athletes(greyhounds) getting ready and then there was me! but had lots of laughs on the way and although found the run tough enjoyed the experience. was pleased when i saw my husband at the end………….any chance the finish line could have been brought closer to the bridge!!!!!!!!
Rosemaire Perira Wright

Loved the music at the finish line – got the adrenaline pumping. Overheard by a newbie while walking downhill to the start line…”Wow, I feel so good. I think I’m going to feel fresher than I thought I would!” Being a tail end Charlie, it felt good to know that no-one had buggered off from the finish line and that there was still a yummy venison sausage and a beer left for me. The scenery just blew me away. I might even run next time if I stop tiring of the scenery and taking photos instead.
Yvonne Kitchingman

Pre-race nerves and management of breakfast and night-before carbo-loading yielded a story probably not worth publishing here. Maybe I started a little too far back on the staggered start, but I enjoyed the race immensely and felt pretty relaxed for most of it. The lady in the pink soled running shoes who I ran behind from just before to just after McKenzie; I thought you were about 20 yrs old, until you turned around for a quick chat and I discovered you were about my age. What an inspiration! Thanks for the guy who tried to overtake me at the end – you helped me shave about 2 mins off my time! – See you next year for another sprint finish.
Toby Eglesfield

Very well organised again. I did a crzy thing and flew to LA the next day (dumb) but was still on a bit of a high when i got there.
Kim Kelly

The race is difficult logistically, this year due to other commitments my mates could not support crew for me. Balls up No 1. So I went to the family as support. Balls up No 2. The line for the porter loo was very slow moving in the morning I was committed to avoid the “fly by fece.” Eventually my time came and… well ill leave the rest to your imagination. Any way still stuck in kepler challenge mentality and perhaps suffering from being too “festive” in my training I started off taking it a bit too easy – pacing myself too slow. Having some great chats along the way to mackenzie. Got to love the people who do these events, everyone is your enemy in terms of competition but your friend in terms of motivation. Great conditions compared to last year. Actually got to see the view, and the track as it turns out is not a river bed, but an actual track. Coming over the saddle I picked up the pace, but failed to remember how technical this part of the track is. Not so easy to make up time on. Balls up No 3. Heading down back into the bush as the track smoothed out I picked up my pace and was well into my stride, passing lots of people along the way. But by this stage I had lost too much time on the climb and the first stage of the race by pacing myself too slow I could not make up the time and was a horrific 9 minutes slower than last year. I indulged in the sponsors product over the weekend to reverse my negative frame of mind, it worked! Never the less, this race is one that I refuse to miss on the running calendar. Amazing track, good organisation (thanks Evan and the team), just a fun event. Different race plan next year. Gona go hog wild on that track from the start. Thanks guys, was a great day! Look forward to more stories next year.
Mike Gibb

Exceptionally well run event guys. CHCH earthquake had thrown a slight spanner at me training wise but recovered and pushed on relatively quickly to get some awesome hill climbing in (I will get even more in next year) and mileage. Anticipation and excitement greeted us on the morning of the race – I saw the sun peeking out over the tops, was very excited and relieved we were going to have a beaut day. It was such a cool feeling finishing with my parents and friends supporting, great setup at the finish. Lots going on! And thankfully the knee pain subsided as soon as I crossed that line!!
Michelle Blair

Fantastic event as always, but something about the beautiful mild, calm weather was just WRONG! I found myself wanting to sit down and have a wee doze in the sun at Lake Harris….so a set of deck chairs under the rock overhang there would have been perfect. That is, in the same spot where in previous years I have broken off an icicle to suck on…
Sally Nicol

Loved the animal’s at the start line, although various wild horses would pass me then slow down so I’d pass them… Loved the weather compared to 2010, actually saw the spectacular lake/tarn past harris saddle this year! Slightly bummed myself out that despite better prep I ran slower than 2010 only to realise this week that i had deluded myself with my 2010 time and did infact run 2;20 quicker this year, you beauty Loved the persoanel first name stuff from the marshals, the little stuff counts
Steve Williams

I was nervous at the briefing in Te Anau looking around at every body else and listening to them talking about how they had done it before. This was my first event of this kind and I really didn’t know how I was going to do. I wasn’t nervous in the morning at all, just excited. The run was beautiful but I found it very technical, I was always concentrating on where I was putting my feet and I found that if I wanted to look at the view I had to stop to do so otherwise I would trip up. I think this made the time go past very quick. The last 9.5k’s were the hardest (from the last hut). I had a huge mind battle on my hands through this put it helped to have all the marshals along this part of the track. Great event, great challenge, great felling of success at the finish.
Amy Lorenzen

Enjoyed it all – from heading to the start line, running the race, admiring the views & the thrill of reaching the finish line + the dinner to look forward to
Was great to be able to see right through to the Tasman Sea. Enjoyed all the glasses of cold champagne that the Professor poured us at the finish line.
Peney Le Clerc

Never been so pleased to see that bridge, those words – FINISH! Needed a moment to compose myself (ie sit down) but once the verve came out (thanks to Wiremu Jones and the Professor) a few gulps and I was almost my chirpy old self again. One of the W Jones/Professor team managed a 3am-er that night, complete with lots of tequila shots – priceless.
Emma Luxford

Nice to not be cold at the start this year, loved the set up to split up the speeds, my mate kept going back to the roosters, he is quicker than that but he kept telling us everybody calls him a cock!!!!!!. Was my second time and found it good to have a bit of track knowledge – apart from the disappointment of no sexy nurses, where were they?????. Full credit to the banana, nothing like coming across a full grown man in a bright yellow suit looking like a GM modified piece of fruit to make you run as fast as you can in the opposite direction.
Dwight Grieve