James Harcombe

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Routeburn Classic Category:
The one for old codgers that should really think about taking up golf.

Location on earth of residence?

Current work interest?
I grow grapes for Mondillo Wines

Favourite quote, motto or thoughts you try to life by?
NEVER give up!

Favourite local training track, grounds, area’s, parks etc?
The trails on Ben Lomond and Mt.Creighton

What do you love about trail running?
The freedom. The solitude (when running alone). The camaraderie (when running with friends).Being close to nature. Travelling fast through the mountains. The uphills. The crazy downhills, particularly scree. (how much more room can I take Evan?!)……

What type of running training do you do in the lead up to the Routeburn Classic?
I only ever run in the hills. So pre-event I normally look to include lots of elevation gain/loss.

What advice would you give to a rookie / Routeburn virgin coming into the 2014 from a seasoned veteran of the event?
Don’t charge the first hill – there are plenty more to come! Ditch your 2L water bladders, there’s plenty of drinking water on the track, and you won’t want the extra weight going up. Oh, and have fun!

Any cross training, other sports you dabble in?
During the winter I backcountry ski, just like Killian Jornet, though that’s the only similarity between us!

How important are the other performance factors in your training. Namely fuel types consumed and periods parked up in recovery mode?
I love resistance training i.e I frequently resist the urge to train! I just try to get out for long missions in the hills at REALLY LOW intensity. I prefer solid, real, food when running, though generally don’t consume much on the Routeburn. Recovery is all important. Beer and Pinot Noir seems to work well for me, though not in the same glass…

What is it you love about the Routeburn Classic?
An amazing day out, running along the best track in the country, with a bunch of like minded people. Oh, and the Race Director!

What advice can you offer a new comer to the event?
Do LOADS of hill work, preferably on rough terrain, pre-event, and pack a camera if you haven’t been on the track before. It’s spectacular!