John Sneddon


Routeburn Classic Category:

slow… werewolf after 2 bays aiming for slow jedi if I can lose all the weight put on dining in the St Kilda cafes.

Location on earth of residence?
Oakville NSW

Current work interest?
AIX /SAN support.

Favourite quote, motto or thoughts you try to life by?
This Fridays problem is never next friday’s problem

Favourite local training track, grounds, area’s, parks etc?
Berowa valley national park.
Scheyville National Park ( 10 minutes run from home)

How long have you been a runner?
over 45 years

What do you love about trail running?
hard to explain .. I guess it is the cliche .. one with nature and it tends to obscure the lack of pace now present in the geriatric frame

What type of running training do you do in the lead up to the Routeburn Classic?
Two bays .. Tarawera 60K.. oaks firetrail in reverse (27K all uphill) .. K reps .. double session once a week.

What advice would you give to a rookie / Routeburn virgin coming into the 2014 from a seasoned veteran of the event?
keep the virginity .. then you will not have to explain to the world why you holiday in Queenstown at the end of April each year. If you do make the step train hard and then train harder .. we only have foothills here .. I find hill reps help but you do need the relentless effort of long runs under the hammer for a long period .. hence the oaks mentioned above.

Any cross training, other sports you dabble in?
Tri’s .. therefore I practise stone floating and road cycle and MTB training.

How important are the other performance factors in your training. Namely fuel types consumed and periods parked up in recovery mode?

mainly vegan food except at the Skyline once a year. what is this word recovery ????? is this some new age training method … recovery for me is a 10K road race after the most horrendous 56K offroad race the Sunday before. I do back off for Routeburn .. It still scares me a lot, but do I look forward to it. recovery after Routeburn last time was a freezing run up Ben Lomond in the snow.

What is it you love about the Routeburn Classic?

… everything especially the finish and the feed at night and reading the comments from all concerned Esp the man Evan.

What advice can you offer a new comer to the event?

I feel that docs have made the course a lot easier especially in the first part .. get out on on the rough stuff as much as you can .. my training for the two bays run was Routeburn specific and I never once hit the required cutoff pace (for the 28K turn ) once in training. As the training was over much more awkward terrain I made the turn with minutes to spare and was able to take my time over the last 28K and still get my medal. So if the training is easy , make it tougher unless you are in a hole or injured. I will basically run myself to a standstill until 2 weeks out ( This will include the Tarawera 60k in March) and then the Sunday before I leave for NZ run an all out 12K tough trail run. Then just jog and swim.

Parting comments and thoughts?
see you all in April … make sure your Paypal account is working.
And a vote of thanks to the sorcerer for working his magic again.