Owing to the environmental and safety considerations, the field is limited to 350 competitors. Good Times Events reserves the right of acceptance, places will be allocated from eligible entries in the order received online. If requested on the entry, unsuccessful entrants will be placed on a waiting list – also in the order received. Unsuccessful entries will be refunded after entries close. Withdrawal costs apply to all withdrawals prior to event after entering as per terms and conditions.

The date for the 2019 Classic is Saturday 27th of April.

Entries open on Monday 4th of February at 12:00PM .

Limited field of 350 participants. First in first in basis. Entries are taken by logging into this website.

Entry cost is NZ$230.
The Department of Conservation requests that runners DO NOT use the track prior to the Routeburn Classic. The reason being this is the time for walkers to enjoy the environment in their way. DOC has granted us all the privilege of enjoying the track as we prefer with swifter foot work. Please respect this request as it impacts not only the walkers but your fellow runners as we may not be allowed to continue to have our day of glory in adventure running paradise.


Registration for the event is in Queenstown Outside Sports between 12pm and 6:30pm OR in Te Anau at Outside Sports on Main Street between 12pm and 6.30pm on Friday 26th of April. Registration in Te Anau closes just before the briefing at 700pm. Compulsory Gear check will be held at Outside Sports when you register. If you wish to register in Te Anau please specify either when you enter or by email so your pack is there.

Race Briefing

There will be one race briefing. It is compulsory to be at this race briefing. Those not attending race briefing will forfeit their place in the event.

The briefing is at 7.00pm in Te Anau on Friday 26th of April at the Turnbull room in the Distinction Hotel, Lake front Te Anau.

Prize Giving Dinner

Memorial Hall Queenstown


Spy Prize Giving Dinner Function. 
Saturday 27th of April 
Dinner service from 6pm

* Private Event Function
* Live music
* 3 course meal
* Bar
* Dine and enjoy presentation at the same time. Cabaret experience.
* Venue in the centre of Queenstown

Perhaps the best event prize giving experience in all of sports. 
A great chance for us solo trail runners to come together as one and share stories, scores, achievements and highlights. 
Now with our own venue we have a cabaret format. Athletes can dine while the presentations take place. 

Book now

Finish Line Gear

Gear that you want at the finish line is to be dropped off at Outside Sports Queenstown/Te Anau when you pick up your registration packs. Your end of race gear should include warm clothes, food, towel, change of shoes, jacket, dry hat, gloves, money for massages and food. Gear bags must be clearly labeled with your name phone number and address. Gear will be at the finish line as you leave it. (In the same box or bag).

Gear given to us at the start of the Classic at ‘The Divide’ to transport over may NOT BE at the finish line when you get there. This gear will be driven over on the day and will be available for pickup at the finish line later (most run faster than the buses can complete the circuit) or at Prize Giving Dinner on Saturday Night at Skyline restaurantin Queenstown.

Compulsory gear: Please double check your compulsory gear list.

  • 1x thermal bottom
  • 2x thermal top (one can be short sleeved)
  • Hat & gloves
  • Seam sealed stitched wind/waterproof jacket
  • Survival blanket
  • Whistle

Your gear is checked at Outside Sports when you register in either Queenstown or Te Anau. There will also be random gear checks at Mackenzie Hut on the track. Those without the appropriate gear will not race or when caught at McKenzie will not proceed into the Alpine environment, and remain with the marshall team.
GEAR NOTE: Poncho’s do not meet the standard required to survive when/if it turns nasty out there.

Mackenzie Hut Cut Off Time

The Routeburn Classic is a running event. The track is a technical and challenging course. Appropriate training is a requirement for athletes.
YOU MUST REACH Mackenzie Hut (12km mostly up hill) BEFORE THE 10.30AM CUT OFF TIME. (2 and a half hours from the start) Those that do not meet this cut of time will return to the start either with the marshals or in their own time. The marshalls will assist with rides back to Queenstown.

Course Description

Track Distances and Heights

Location Distance From Start Meters Above Sea Level
Start Line 0 km 550 m
Key Summit 2.8 km 827 m
Howden Hut 3.5 km 950 m
Earland Falls 7.2 km 1000 m
Mackenzie Hut 12 km 925 m
Oceans Peak 15 km 1215 m
Harris Saddle 19.5 km 1292 m
Falls Hut 23 km 725 m
Finish Line 32.2 km 515 m

Divide to Lake Mackenzie 12km

The start is 500m before the Divide, this has the effect of spreading the field before you reach the single track of the Divide. From here you climb a well-graded track to the turn off to Howden Hut. You then descend to Lake Howden Hut for a chance to replenish your water supplies, before gradually climbing through lush silver beech forest to the base of Earland Falls. You will look over the Hollyford Valley to the ice capped Darran Mountains before descending to the lodge at Lake Mackenzie where another drink station is positioned and compulsory gear check is carried out. All athletes must pass through MaCkenzie by 1030am or return back to start with Marshalls.

Lake Mackenzie to Routeburn Falls – 11km

You leave the ancient forest draped in moss and lichen, and enter the alpine world of daisies, buttercups, gentians and edelweiss. Here you have a full vista of the Darran Mountains across the Hollyford Valley, which slices through Fiordland to the distant Tasman Sea at Martins Bay. At the Harris Saddle (1277m), After running around Lake Harris you come into more intimate terms with the mountains towering above the upper basins of the Routeburn River as you descend to the Routeburn Falls hut.

Routeburn Falls to Routeburn Shelter and Finish Line – 9km

Enjoy the dramatic landscape around the Falls, before descending to the alpine pastures of the Routeburn Flats. The track shadows the river as it roars through a magnificent gorge before plunging beneath the unyielding rocks at the Sump. From here it is a gentle run through columns of red beech trees to a large swing bridge. It is then just 200meters to the Routeburn Shelter at the road end where the finish line is.

Map of the Course

Click here for the course map of the Routeburn Classic.


Click one of the following to view the final race results for that year…

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2017 Results
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Bus Transport

Bus from Queenstown to Te Anau on Friday 26th of April leaving from the Queenstown Station Building corner of Shotover and Camp Street at 4pm. Cost NZ$55.

Bus from Te Anau to Divide on Saturday 27th of April leaving Luxmore Distinction Hotel at 6.00am. Cost NZ$65.

Bus from Glenorchy Shelter on Saturday 27th of April to Queenstown for prize giving goes back and forth through the day as the bus fills. Cost NZ$55.

Helicopter Transport

Helicopter flights with Helicopter Line departing from Queenstown the morning of the Routeburn Classic.
Get a group of mates to book or just soak in the experience along with some like minded athletes.
No other flights are to be chartered for groups within the event. The Helicopter Line offer athletes the best fares and event management need to know who is on choppers and where they are for a number of logistical reasons.
It is an amazing way to start an event flying over the terrain before you canter along it on foot.
Helicopter Line are offering a special rate Cost NZ$350 / seat.


IMPORTANT: When booking accommodation mention that you are a part of the Routeburn Classic event to receive special rates at the Sponsor Hotels below. It is highly recommended that you book for dinner (held prior to briefing or if arranged post briefing on Friday 26th of April) and Breakfast on race day prior to the bus departing the Luxmore Distinction Hotel from 5am. You are going to need that fuel to burn three hours later. There will not be anywhere else open for breakfast at that time of the morning in Te Anau. All prices quoted below include GST.

Distinction Luxmore

Phone 03 249 7526 (Remember to say you are part of the Routeburn Classic) or (
$125.00 per room per night twin share
Extra person $31.50 per room (both get double beds)
Dinner Buffet @ $40.00 (at conclusion of compulsory Briefing)
Buffet Breakfast at @$19.50 From 5am. (Keep in mind bus departs for the Divide at 6.00am). Bookings for both breakfast and dinner are essential)

Distinction Te Anau

Situated on Lakefront Drive in Te Anau, (Sister Hotel of Distinction Luxmore), Distinction Te Anau offers a range of accommodation options. Ranging From Two Bedroom Villas suitable for up to four guests, through to beautifully designed hotel rooms, offering either Garden or Lake views.

Phone 03 249 9700 (Remember to say you are part of the Routeburn Classic) or (
Gardenview $145.00 per room per night – twin share
Lakeview Room $165.00 inc GST per night – twin share
Extra person $37.00 per room (accommodated in room offering 2 x Queen size beds)
Pre-Briefing Buffet Dinner available from Distinction Luxmore @ $40.00 pp. Or alternatively, Distinction Te Anau offers an extensive menu created by our own Award Winning Chef, restaurant open from 5.30pm.
Early Buffet Breakfast available from Distinction Luxmore Hotel @$19.50pp, From 5am.
Bookings for both breakfast and dinner are essential

Frequently Asked Questions


$230 NZD


Credit card. Visa and Master Card


The decision is made on the morning of the event. Fiordland is notoriously changeable and factors such as fog which can come in the valleys play a part. That said typically we have a pretty good idea the evening before the Classic. Also in case fog was a factor we have an alternate flight plan for heli-athletes and would get you as far in as possible flying in the Te Anau direction basically above Milford Road to a place 25 minute bus ride from the start. The race wouldn’t start without you. No fly no pay. Full refund. A full refund on the chopper is credited also to athletes forced to withdraw from the event.


Yes. Your various options are as follows.

Buses pick up and drop of at key points for key events over the Classic weekend. Buses run from:
Queenstown to Te Anau –
Travel Time: 2 Hours
Cost: $55 NZD.
Te Anau is where we all meet for the compulsory briefing the Friday (day before the Classic event).
Te Anau to the Divide –
Travel Time: 1½ Hours
Cost: $65 NZD
The Divide is at the start of the Routeburn Track and the event just off Milford Road.
Routeburn Shelter to Queenstown –
Travel Time: 2 Hours
Cost: $55 NZD
The Routeburn Shelter is the finish line and Queenstown is where the prize giving event happens and where your accommodation will be.

Helicopter flights are with the Helicopter Line departing from Queenstown the morning of the Routeburn Classic. (limited seats so be in quick.) No other flights are to be chartered for groups within the event. The Helicopter Line offer athletes the best fares and event management need to know who is on choppers and where they are for a number of logistical reasons.

Rental car and support crew
Your team drives you to each point mentioned above and then drives back around to the finish line. Round trip from Start to finish line is approximately : 5½ – 6 hours from the Divide (start) to the Routeburn Shelter (finish). Chances are a support crew who dropped you at the start would not be there to see you finish and as such you would not have any gear that travelled with them at the finish line either.


No, there is complimentary gondola ride for you and your support crew up Skyline. The bar up there will be open and you can have a few bevies while others eat before the presentations start. Start time for the presentation is 7.30pm


Aid stations are located at each of the major huts. Howden, McKenzie and Falls hut. Here we will have drink, food, friendship or support if you will. There are other marshals out there with light supplies for those who require at various locations.


Water, Isofuel sports drink, lollies and first aid. Toilets. It is recommended that you carry other food and drink as per your individual needs. It is not a Skyline buffet at aid stations. Remember where you are, everything at aid station is carried in with Marshals plus there own survival and first aid equipment.
Mackenzie hut is where your compulsory gear is checked before you begin a mighty climb into the mountains. The rivers and streams you cross are all fresh mountain water. We drink from all of the rivers with good flow and have always lived to tell the story. Fortunately in Fiordland. Water is one thing that athletes do not lack.


Number one, You will be at the finish line all going well. When you get there you can refuel with, water, Isofuel sports drink, Jazz Apples, Ems Power Cookie products and a complimentary BBQ snag. There is also a catering truck doing a large variety of food and hot drinks. A massage team will be on site to ease the tension as will Contact Energy with their big gas heaters. You can expect fan fare, cheering and group hugs. Good Times after a stand out mission in the hills and valleys.


Gear that you don’t need for your night or morning in Te Anau and would like at the finish line is to be clearly labelled with your name and phone number and leaved with the Outside Sports team when you register in either Te Anau or Queenstown.

Gear that you take to the start but don’t intend on taking with you on the Adventure Run can be leaved on the designated gear bus at the start line. This gear may NOT be at the finish line when you finish. You are a superior athlete and may well beat the bus to the finish thus a separate ‘finish line gear bag’ is a requirement. Again, finish line gear bags are labelled with your name and number and leaved with the Outside Sports Team when you register.

All gear will be at the finish line when the bus completes its round trip. Finish line and other gear bags will be in the athlete gear tent when you finish.

Anyone who does not collect gear bags at the finish line at the conclusion of the days activities can pick up from either…
Skyline Prize Giving function on the Saturday night after the event or…
Outside Sports on Shotover Street in Queenstown on Sunday after 1pm.