Prize Giving Dinner Function & Transport

Novotel - Queenstown LakesAfter a large day of play one must refuel the body and enjoy sharing in the stories of adversity and triumphant that make our sport and our people special.
We are stoked to have friends at the Novotel Gardens in the middle of Queenstown providing the very foods that our minds dream about during the course of our athletic feats.

The Novotel Gardens are providing a fabulous spread of delicious healthy foods & deserts. A superb buffet menu customised to meet our diverse tastes has been selected to
satisfy our appetites and nutritional requirements.

We will enjoy access and service from 3 bars at the function. The presentation will kick off at the conclusion of the meal. You and your supporters will already be seated with
convenient view of the presentations.

In summary, yummy, funny entertainment, jovial times with your community of adventure seekers.
Get on this friends. Now.

Prize Giving and Transport Tickets Now Closed.