APRIL 17, 2012

Not how I expected to spend my 27th birthday yesterday (even though it was only going to be a standard work day anyway!). Holed up at home with a bung back having already seen a sports masseuse and chiropractor. Definitely improved since the appointment but I have a few more visits this week. Waving a sad goodbye to my pay packet! As my good friends have consistently reminded me, health is in the end irrelevant to price when things get bad. A timely reminder. I learned some interesting things about my neuromuscular system and have more exercises to do at home. That moonboot from November’s injury has a lot to answer for in my book!!! Mid this afternoon I decided to take today with a pinch of salt and turn my day around. Sat outside looking at the beautiful garden, made myself a coffee and ate feijoas and a crème egg. Prior to that I was being the worst housebound injured person ever. Pouting, watching Dr Phil and pacing around my house even though I should have sat still with my back.
The past week was actually pretty good training wise so I am thankful I am well and truly tapering. Tuesday evening I ran a new track with a friend who has a faster pace than I do. What a great shorter run. A cracking pace too so it just goes to show training with people faster is beyond beneficial for every runner. A must do for my coming winter runs. Just need to find some faster runners who live here.
So in hindsight only two runs last week. I had started to feel sore and tired and I’ve learned many a harsh lesson on overtraining so decided to pull back. The past couple of days back problem I was reassured was not this. I guess just one of those things. I am chomping at the bit to get out tomorrow night after trying to let me muscles get over all the manipulation they put up with today. Something else I am glad I am overcoming more this year is not having a major freak out if I don’t get in as many runs or as much mileage as I would have hoped during a particular week. Not a big deal – make the training quality when I can – the rest will and hopefully has followed.
Bought new Icebreaker socks yesterday! Just love that new ‘walking around on cushions’ feeling. Re-reading over the nutrition plan made for me. Starting to finalize what will be on my back next Saturday food, drink, gear. Such an intricate process getting the gear sorted as every gram counts. Parents here soon to give me some birthday cheer. Such tireless people are parents, love them