MARCH 9, 2012

Well what a crazy couple of weeks it has been. Go the life juggle!! I’m sure every single entrant in this race can relate to trying to fit everything in and prioritize training. What I have found hard recently is motivating oneself to get out there after a full day at work. I think the chances of me rising early to run outside in the dark are slim to none because 1. The dark I don’t find particularly inviting at 5:30-6am – I am actually scared of my own shadow and the imaginary noises and movements I tend to make up, and 2. I am tiiiiiiiiiiired! My phone is lucky it survives five working days a week going off with the alarm. I admit when it goes off ( I do have it set to a nice relaxing tone – but lets face it – its an alarm – ITS IRRITATING!!) I would quite like to have a hammer beside my bed and go smash smash smash, look at my phone like ‘yes that’s right, I just won’, and go back to sleep.
The weekend was rather productive training wise with a medium size run on Saturday then Sunday I explored a new track and managed just over 20km. Very happy, took some nice photos….hell I even ran into a herd of young steer (that’s young bulls for you city folk!) that were very interested in what I was up to. Gave me an awful fright when I saw them out of the corner of my eye on my way in. They were following me and I had a quick glance around and the only escape was a bit far away….ie I had already missioned 10km in and a dead sprint wasn’t really on the cards! I suppose if I had to try and escape being charged by them, I’m sure I would have found the energy!
Christchurch this weekend – very excited for a long mission in the hills like I used to when I lived there. Monday hopefully another nice long mission while I have the time off to do it. Trying to put a real focus on strengthening the core up to take me through the long runs. I think a lot of people forget that as soon as the runs start to get longer and more demanding, a strong mid section is so key. So I am trying to really prioritize a few minutes a day on some useful core work. Strong, yes. Slim, hmmmmmm can’t guarantee, haha! Growing up on a farm with ‘clean plate syndrome’ has not done me too many favours in my 20s!
Go hard, keep strong and enjoy the weekend!