APRIL 4, 2012

So I’ve been putting a fair bit of thought on how I have improved this year’s training and lead up to the Classic. I have put so much more time into climbing mountains and so thankful for this paradise I am living in this year to be able to do so. Well aware there are a lot of people out there that aren’t as privileged and have to travel some distance to get to a decent hill or track.
Nutrition wise whooooooah I came come about face with this one. Its actually hilarious last year’s race how I fuelled and that I thought I could run well. There will be no budget supermarket sugary stuff in my hydration pack this year. I have discovered the beauty of Nuun! That stuff is right on the money as there is no sugar in it and it delivers the right amount of potassium and electrolytes you need on the longer ones. There are a handful of brands that do something equally as good. I just seem to have latched onto this. I still am quite naughty and have far too much sugar in my general diet – I currently cannot actually comprehend not having little things here and there to look forward to. Maybe it’s the desk job, maybe its my lifelong insatiable appetite! I have learned a bit of balance though so if I blow out, then I must make up for it. Oh big bird, will you ever learn?
And it is actually taper time. I admit I am glad. There are still a small handful of longer missions to do especially with a nice long weekend up and coming and not having to race the daylight after work. I will definitely be making the most of that. Maybe some people are in panic mode? I know I kind of was last year. The fear of the unknown! Routeburn is not a race to be taken lightly but it now being the business end of it, it is time to reflect on accomplishments (small or large), all that hard slog and the personal life sacrifice on top of it. I’m excited to get out on that course this year and its so well run, we make it into a fun filled weekend with family and friends. If theres advice I can dish this week it would be to try and dissolve those nerves and enjoy the final few weeks beforehand